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Softwarepartner SALIA

Broker management programme – Your independence is our motivation!

You want to make your daily brokerage processes more cost- and time-efficient and want more time for your customers and new business? Then SALIA® is exactly the right software for you.

SALIA® ensures complete digital documentation of business transactions and simple process-oriented handling. In this way, you successfully optimise your daily work routines and gain more freedom for your customers and yourself at the end of the day.

Company profile

Since 2004, SQL Projekt AG has been developing and distributing the independent broker management programme SALIA® – the management software for insurance brokers, financial service providers and agencies. Today SALIA® is one of the top players in the market for broker management software and a fixed pillar in the portfolio of SQL Projekt AG. Since SALIA® was founded, there have always been new milestones and, not least due to its enormous practical relevance, our software has become very well established in the field of digital sales support. In order to continue to be one of the best solution providers in the insurance industry, we invest heavily in the direct implementation of BiPRO standards. We thus ensure a future-proof as well as stable broker management system with a noticeable prospect of success.

Exclusive interface to Bridge

Our own communication behaviour as well as that of many clients has changed significantly. We see this change as an opportunity and would like to support you. For this reason, we have developed a joint interface to Bridge’s online counselling software in cooperation with Bridge. Thanks to the interface, you can transfer the client’s data directly from SALIA® to the online counselling software, carry out an online counselling session and finally file and save a complete documentation in SALIA®.
All information on setting up and using the interface is summarised here:

Softwarepartner iS2

iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG

iS2 is shaping the insurance distribution of the future with innovative software solutions and IT consulting and accompanies its customers on their way to digitalisation through consulting and IT implementation. In addition to change management, software development and quality assurance, iS2 offers its own electronic signature “inSign”.


Company profile

Since 1990, iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG has developed as an IT and hardware specialist into a well-known software and consulting company in the insurance industry. In doing so, iS2 focuses on IT solutions and today supports with tools such as the electronic TÜV certified signature solution “inSign”, complex consulting tools and frontends for customer portals. Many established insurance companies now rely on iS2’s consulting services and customised software solutions.

Digital signature “inSign” in our Bridge software

In order to offer our customers a seamless digital process chain, we have integrated the market-leading software “inSign” as a signature solution into our online advisory software Bridge. Applications, contracts and all documents that require a signature can be digitally signed directly by you and your customer. The signature is legally secure, DSGVO-compliant and TÜV-tested.