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Technical requirements & FAQ

Technical requirements for the use of Bridge

All interlocutors using Bridge or communicating online via the software need a digital end device, an internet connection, a common browser and a camera as well as a microphone for video chat.

On which devices can Bridge be used?

We guarantee the best user experience with Bridge when using a laptop, tablet or desktop PC. In principle, the software can be used on any internet-enabled device. We do not currently offer a smartphone app.

Do I have to install Bridge on my terminal?

Unlike other providers, Bridge is a web-based application. It works without installation, simply by you and your client opening the application via a browser. This allows you to conduct digital consultations from any device and location. All that is needed is an internet connection.

In which browsers does the counselling software work?

Bridge basically works on the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. For the best possible user experience, we recommend that you use the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What precautions does Bridge take when it comes to data protection?

Data protection is written in capital letters at Bridge out of conviction, because we are aware that we are dealing with sensitive personal data. Your documents, user data as well as your customers’ data are securely stored in our software on DSI GmbH servers in Germany and are therefore subject to German law. You can access this data at any time via the cloud.
Furthermore, Bridge has been awarded the seal “Software Hosted in Germany”. The most important criteria for receiving the seal are: Data may never be passed on to unauthorised persons and a strict separation of all user data from each other must be guaranteed.

Is technical support available during software use?

Our software provides you with extensive help. There you will find answers to important and frequently asked questions in the FAQ. There is also a help document and tutorial videos with step-by-step instructions on the functions of our guidance software. If your questions cannot be answered in these ways, our support team will be happy to process your request as quickly as possible.

Can my conversation partner see my entire screen during online counselling?

No. During an online consultation in Bridge, you and your client only move around in the software interface. Your dialogue partner only sees what you want to show him. You have sole control over the content of your counselling. Even with the so-called screen sharing, which is integrated from the Bridge Basic version, you can choose which application window you want to show your client. The rest remains invisible to your client.

Moreover, you have the possibility to use some functions during a consultation without your conversation partner noticing. For example, you can spontaneously adjust the customer presentation or add details to the customer data.

Can I upload and show a presentation in PDF format?

Presentations that you have not created in Bridge can be conveniently uploaded in PDF format to the counselling interface and shown during the client meeting. You can also store images (jpeg, png, gif) in the cloud library and use them for a client presentation.

Is a digital signature legally compliant?

Bridge Premium offers you the digital signature function. In this regard, we work together with inSign, the market leader for digital signatures in the insurance environment. inSign has been integrated as an application directly into our software and offers absolute legal security for your signatures and those of your customers – on contracts and other documents. The electronic inSign process takes into account all legal regulations from DSGVO, elDAS, BGB, VVG and BDSG without exception. The legal conformity and security of your digital signature is thus guaranteed.

Is Bridge a CRM software?

Bridge offers you many functions that a classic CRM system also includes. Above all, you can clearly store customer data and details of customer appointments. Basic data, contracts, documents and call protocols can be stored for each customer. There is also an overview of past and upcoming appointments. Since our software is cloud-based, you can access and edit the data and documents at any time, regardless of the device.

In which sectors can the software be used?

Basically, the software is designed in such a way that it can be used in many business sectors. Bridge is already being used successfully by companies in the insurance and financial sectors. In principle, however, Bridge is suitable as sales software for all areas in which self-employed persons or companies want to optimise their customer meetings through the use of software or conduct customer appointments completely online.

All questions clarified?